Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CQI Round Robin Updates

Just finished up my round in the 10" Step by Step Round Robin...and the block has been mailed on to the next stitcher. This is my first Step type of robin to participate in, and I'm finding it very limiting. The next person gets to add silk ribbon and more motifs...and it was hard not to put silk ribbon or beading down now. But, the challenge is also part of the fun...so, I'll have to save my SRE work for the block received this month!
Also, receive back my Fan blocks...and aren't these so pretty?!!? Yep, they are!
Above stitched by Barbara R.
Above stitched by Colleen A.
Above stitched by Ritva P.
Stitched by NickiLee S.
Stitched by Shelly R.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fan blocks! A lot to look at there. I really like your CQI block, even without silk ribbon. There's such a lovely lot of lace, and beautiful seam treatments.