Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do You Read For Pleasure?

My daughter is seriously the queen of reading for pleasure..and goes through books very fast. A couple of years ago, she took over my Kindle Reader and I've been downloading e-books for her routinely. Well, last week I stumbled upon a company that has make my life so much easier...that I wanted to share them with you. The company is BookBub and they send me an email almost every day with the latests great deals on e-books for my Kindle (they also work with Nook, and other readers).
They do not cost anything to be a member...nothing, nada, not one red penny! And, they don't hound you with multiple emails about other deals or products. Just their almost daily single email that lists all of the books available that day (and some for longer than a day). They include the photo and writeup on the book...and all you do is click and it takes you right to the Amazon book page for you to download the e-book just like you'd normally do. Don't know just how the other readers work...but they do offer worth checking them out. I just download six more mystery, romance, and fiction books for Sommer's kindle...all free. They also had some for 99cents and 1.99...but, I don't even bother with those. In the past week...I've gotten her over a dozen she will be set for a while!
Here's the link for trying BookBub...and I am not getting paid for this...I just seriously think they are a great company and save me tons of time 'remembering' to go look for books...and not having to wonder if Sommer is "out of books".
And, these are not "partial book" you get the entire book. Sometimes publishers will offer a book for free for a limited time to help introduce new authors, or promote a sequel by offering the prior book, or just to promote a new book. If you are not aware of this "timely" miss out. So, this company has a great idea...worth passing on to friends and family that read too!
Aren't I a good sales person for them...too bad it's not a paying gig! Ha!
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