Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wizard and Wools

These past few days, I've been working on round robin blocks. The first is a block belonging to Angie, and it is in memory of her late sister who loved the Wizard of Oz movie...and all things Oz! My part of this Step Round Robin was to do motifs. As fate would have it, I owned a piece of wonderful Wizard fabric and used some of it for the motifs which where then adorned in beads as appropriate.
Next, a Wool Do-Your-Own-Block round robin begins...and here are my six very basic wool blocks. I'm sure that the ladies will send these back to me full of beautiful stitching.
So, have you been stitching?
I'm spending a huge chunk of time lately on getting the three monthly HEX class patterns into Illustrator and the instructions published for a lot of writing and drawing...nothing that I can show.
I also just finished and photographed a very special block for a friend...which I also can't show until it is published this fall.
Today, I hope to catch up a little on my Snowmen embroidery blocks and my CQJP2014 Fairy blocks...if Aidan will be good and not pester her Grandmum too much. We are both tired from a week of playing with Brady...and it is so hot today! Went to the grocery store this morning and we both feel like wilted flowers!

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margaret said...

the wizard of Oz is a beauty, love the little shoes on it.It will be interesting to see what stitching is done on your wool blocks