Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bead Organization...Traveling?

Crazy quilt projects can use up a huge variety of beads. So, when you you just leave them off until later...or take the beads with you?  I've traveled by car with trays of beads before...they are heavy and take up a lot of room. I also have a circular bead carry case...which is great.

But, I found this and like it even more...and it is cheaper! A win win!
It's for a pill keep. Each little compartment is actually four compartments...each open independently of the others. And there are fourteen of room for 56 types of beads. Yes, you would only get abut 1/2 teaspoon of beads in each...but, that's a lot of beads if they were seed beads or little pearls.

And the tapestry cover is too cute! I found this version at Miles Kimball online, and it was only $8.99 before shipping.
So, think outside the box...the next time you need to travel with a crazy quilt project.
And, another little traveling tip for you. If you are afraid that cases will "open" when traveling...put a little piece of surgical tape (like you get for holding gauze over a wound) over the lid and down the sides. It is easily removed and re-applied over and over again...much better than clear or packaging tape.

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