Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Wishes for Fresh Hope

Today, I received my second pattern proof from the Fresh Hope organization. I donated these two designs to them...for printing and resale in their gift shoppe and website.

'Fresh Hope' is a non-profit residential rehabilitation home located in Queensland, Australia. The organization's efforts allow mothers to keep their children with them while rehabilitating from a substance abuse problem. Fresh Hope provides a safe haven for children during a very stressful time and encouragement for parents to overcome physical, mental, and emotional obstacles while working towards their goal of achieving successful rehabilitation.

The organization believes that separating mother and child during rehabilitation only  adds to a mother's struggle to be rehabilitated and can cause unnecessary trauma for the child due to the separation.  Where, if parent and child are kept together in a safe and nurturing environment...both mother and child benefit by building a stronger bond than was often known previously.

Fresh Hope works with both the mothers and their children in the areas of counseling, attachments and life skills. Because of the organization's efforts...mothers are being empowered to develop a drug free, healthy lifestyle, enabling them to parent more effectively thereby providing ‘Fresh Hope' to a generation who had previously lost hope due to alcohol or drug abuse. In this way, they also hope to break the cycle of abuse.

I believe that the goals of this organization are honorable and worth supporting. That is why I have donated freely my talents and designs to them for their use. Two patterns are not much, and they certainly won't make tons of money, but I hope that they help in some small way.

If you have the means to purchase just one pattern from their website...or even make a small donation...your money will go to a very good cause. While my patterns are new and not loaded on the website yet...there are other wonderful patterns available there now. 

Please check out their site. And, if you can't purchase a pattern...leave a nice encouraging comment or send an email of encouragement to this wonderful team of counselors and staff. I'm sure they all work long arduous days at times...and a kind word goes a long way!



Dolores said...

It sounds like a wonderful organization to help. Kudos to you.

Thoeria said...

It sounds like a really worthy cause Kathy. I'm pretty sure that your amazing talent is appreciated. I'll be popping over to have a slook see at their site :)