Monday, September 1, 2014

Gecko is complete...

It took most of the day...but he is done. And, I enjoyed the process, even though I was tired because I was pushing to finish.
I used a lot of beads to cover the cabochons and to fill in space here and there. More bullions, French Knots, and back-stitches were worked around the beading. To add some shading, I used longer back stitches in the pretty knitted rayon from Color Complements throughout.

I changed my mind on the head bead as it seemed to conflict with the eyes as I started working. So, I covered it with five spokes and did a wrapped rose in rayon perle. 
These darker beads are called twin beads...I put an extra one in the photo (on it's side) so you can see what they look like. Strange little beads...and I thought that they might be too dark. But, when the gecko was finished...they were fine. Sometimes things don't look "right" because there is so much empty space around them...but after you have worked more into the area...they make themselves at home. Ha!

I worked around the cabochon on the left...but these other two were too close to the sides. So, what you can't go go over!

I like the little three beads on their ends...but the beading thread will be covered some with green sewing thread. I thought about using a green marker to color the thread...or removing and starting over. But, the green thread worked enough to make me happy. All of the background was filled with back stitching in the yarn fiber.

The final gecko has some good dimension and I'm pretty happy with him (or her).

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