Friday, September 19, 2014

Giftee Idea

Wow, where has this week gone!?! My friend Pam asked me for this is one of those on my Craftsy page...but thought I'd also post it today as a freebie to my blog followers.
It's a wee wallet that I carry every day instead of a purse. My cards and money tuck in very nicely so just perfect for a quick run into the store. 
Keys in one blouse pocket and this mini-wallet in the other...and I'm in and out in a flash!
The pattern also has a checkbook cover included. It usually stays in my purse...back in my office. But, at times...the purse and ALL my "stuff" will make a trip too.
And, when it get's dirty (like mine is now)...just empty the contents and toss it into the wash, if you have used washable fabrics. Here's the link to download the pattern:
Rose and Lilac Wallet &Checkbook Cover

If you don't want to do hand embroidery on the front...use a bit of machine embroidery instead...or just a pretty fabric.
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