Friday, September 12, 2014

Postal Goodies...

Don't you just love the little surprise that come from the postman? I mean the good ones...not the bad ones (like bills due each month). Even if I know something is coming...because I ordered still lifts my spirits a bit when it arrives. Like a tiny little Christmas Morning feeling as I walk back up my steps...anticipating the fun I'm about to have at seeing the contents.
That's the way I felt a couple of days this last week. The above pattern and pretties came from Janet at Vintage Vogue. I've been wanting to do this hat for a few years now actually, and it might be a few more before I actually do it...but at least now I'm closer to starting the project because I at least have the pattern.  Also got some glorious ribbons and threads and can't wait to stitch with these. Janet has the best stuff!
Then, I got a surprise envelope...from my friend NickiLee. Some of her gorgeous hand painted/dyed laces from her shoppe RavioleeDreams! They were send by my secret sister...who contacted Nicki and ordered them. Wasn't that a cool gift idea from her! My secret sis is just the bestest!
The postman also brought me two international envelopes this week...both from special new friends in my crazy quilt classes. Linda B. is from Canada, and send me some hand-made crochet and tatted pieces that she made! 
She has great talents with the tatting needle (which I don't have) and crochet hook. She is also sent some pretty little beads for me to work with.
The last little envelope is from Pippa P. in the United Kingdom. She also does beautiful tatting work...and I'm so envious of her talents! 
Her family has done needlework for generations...and she sent me three pieces of lace done by her Great Aunt...can you imagine! 
These are so delicate and the thread is teensy like sewing thread...just outstanding work. Not what we see today...and I'm just flabbergasted and honored that she would entrust me with a bit of this. It is just gorgeous lace. 
AND, just after first writing this post...the mailman delivered some pretty charms and seed beads from my friend Mary B. in Texas. I'm going to have fun with these too!
So, I've had a wonderful week of surprises from the postman.
Oh, and also got my 2015 CQ Calendar this week..and two new, am going to be enjoying some eye candy in print too this weekend!
Hope you had some good news and little surprises in the mail this week too.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Don't you just love your mailman when he brings such treasures? You definitely got some drool-worthy things!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I think you should put your feet up and enjoy all those treasures!
Maybe get a little sleep too!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow...great gifts!! Can I have your mailman's name ~lol~ Mine brings dog biscuits to my dogs though, so I guess I'll keep her.
xx, Carol

Suztats said...

Lovely treasures your mailman brought you! Enjoy them and all the printed eye candy.