Friday, September 5, 2014

Thank You to Phyllis and Anna

The postman delivered this beauties to me yesterday afternoon...aren't they so pretty!
My pal Phyllis sent them to me...and she did them in all these colors! Wow...she really surprised me. She told me she was sending me a few butterfies...and I thought "Oh, I love butterflies...expecting to get a card with 4 or 5 butterflies...not an entire field full of butterfles. I was doing the happy dance when I opened her envelope! Had to phone and tell her how happy they made me.
Then, my sister showed up this morning with these ribbons. Spools and spools of satin, growgrain, cotton, and some poly too I think. Hundreds and hundreds of yards!
These were obvious ends from a mill they are on wooden spools. One says "Talbott" on the perhaps from past clothing items for the Talbot brand.
Here are some of the bunched up ends that came off the spools...They will need a pressing with the iron before use...but that is for another day. And, the best part...they were free to me! It sure is nice to have friends and family that help support my "habit". Ha!
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