Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crazy Quilt Basic Course Registration Open 8-12 October...FREE Class!

Registration for the CQBC is now open!
This is a free on-line course.

The Crazy Quilt Basic Class (CQBC) includes detailed instruction on:
-- piecing the class block
-- principles of design
-- creating straight uniform seams with templates
-- stitching several silk ribbon flowers
-- adding lace motifs and charms
-- and using beads

Sounds simple, but there is a lot of information in these modules. You will need a decent printer and a pack of paper.

This class gets great reviews. Even ladies that have been doing crazy quilt round robins for a while tell me that even they learned something new in the class. Everyone is required to finish the CQBC, to include posting a photo of their finished project, BEFORE they can register in any other courses.
This is because the other classes do not "re-cover" the material presented in the basic class. So, you have to know how to complete these tasks first. And, for ME to know that you have to finish this Basic Course with me.
Registration will be open until midnight CST on 12 October 2014.
Here are the supplies that you will need for the you can begin to gather supplies:
You can substitute pastel solid or small print fabrics for the neutral if desired. No mediums and no dark fabrics. You can substitute the shades of silk ribbon with
3 yards of 4mm green; 3 yards of 4mm white; 3 yards of 7mm pink; and 3 yards of 7mm purple if you want to save some money...but the block will not be as interesting.

Everyone will get handouts for the class beginning on Monday, after registration has closed. Students will be taking the class at a different blog address, and instructions will be given in the handouts on how to get to that site. You must have a working knowledge of how to read email and view a blog. I'll give you picture instructions on how to do the other tasks needed...and they are not difficult.

So, to register: EMAIL me your name, mailing address, phone (if in USA), and email you wish to use for this class. Send this info to put CQBC Registration in the subject line please...thank you.

If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them...and email is the fastest way to reach me.


Sandra said...

Not registering again Kathy. Just popped by to say to those ladies sitting on the fence. Kathy is a wonderful teacher. I have taken 2 CQ classes with her now and learnt a lot and had a ton of fun in both. She is available for answering questions and explains her methods thoroughly.

If you are interested in learning CQ & SRE sign up.

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

What a wonderful teacher Kathy Shaw is. She has done a fantastic job teaching handwork over the internet. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes, been challenged with new (to me) and better ways of approaching crazy quilting, and so encouraged; with results I am thrilled with. Her handouts and assistance to the students have been top notch. So grateful she has taken me on as a student. Best crazy quilting class I have been in! Thank you Kathy ~
mary f
PS Classmates were a hoot and a lot of fun ~ learned so many things from them as well.

DH said...

To anyone thinking about trying one of Kathy's classes: I signed up for the first CQ class not really knowing what to expect. Let me tell you it exceeded all expectations. Kathy is an excellent teacher and the class format is wonderful. The block you create in the class is beautiful! I am now taking her next class and loving it! Dawn

Pippas quilts said...

If there is anybody not sure. Go for it I have just done the course and it was fun, wonderful, informative, brilliant.

Heather said...

I also have to say that this is a wonderful class even for those with very little CQ experience. Looking forward to the next time the second class is run.

Thoeria said...

I'm adding my voice and saying .....sign up!! Kathy is a great teacher and the notes she provides are brilliant!!! You won't be sorry. I took this class earlier and had so much fun and learned so much!

Candy L. - Cape Town said...

I knew nothing about crazy quilting when I happened upon Kathy's website and signed up for her Basic CQ course. But Kathy is a wonderful, patient instructor who is very good at pushing you beyond your comfort zone and I learned to do things I never imagined I could. The finished block is amazing. Take the course. You will love it! And you will meet some wonderful people along the way. I know I did!

sewok said...

Just wanted to add my two cents. Great class with a great teacher. If you're not sure if this is for you, well... Kathy takes you through it step by step and explains everything. All you need to know to complete your first block you can find right here in this class. I say "Go for it!!!" Phyllis

Renee said...

I have a couple of friends that have mentioned they would like to learn how to crazy quilt sometime. So, I shared a link to this post on FB today. I hope you hear from some of them. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent!

Dolores said...

Both Mary Ann (she's taking the intermediate class now) and I have posted about this on our blogs and I have already heard from one lady who said she has signed up.

Beth N in AZ said...

If you are on the fence about taking an online CQ class, JUMP at this class. Kathy is methodical and detailed as well as encouraging. Kathy's style is distinctive and beautiful. I've been lucky enough to have her for online mentor and teacher thrice now and I couldn't wish for better

Mosaic Magpie said...

I missed the class last time but not this time! Thank you for offering it again!

Annette said...

rats missed this just saw it, hugs and you are a doll for doing this for everyone. Hugs and sending you the CQJP today xooxxoxoxo