Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shabby Chic Style Cabochons framed..

If you could see the number of cabochons in my studio (or really messy sewing room if you want the "southern version")...I would be seriously embarrassed. It dawned on me just this past week that there is no way that I can ever sit still long enough to actually bead all of these cabochons (and the Czech Glass Buttons). So, have sold a few on the Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies De-Stash site...and decided to frame these photo cabs and sale them too.

What does not go on the de-stash for cost will go for a slight mark-up retail cost on the Etsy Shoppe. Should have them listed there by December. Working on some other gift items for Etsy if you are needing any gifts for sewing friends, keep me in mind. 
These would work on any style of block. Just couch in place, and tack a little silk ribbon bow...or a flower to the top.


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