Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Cool!

Like my hand warmers?

Yes, I know...I'm just a little crazy.
It is cold outside...and inside is even a wee bit chilly! 
We in the southern states are having a "polar freeze" according to the weatherman. Now...don't send me any ugly notes from the eastern and northern I realize that we in the deep south are not even half as cold as y'all are. BUT, we complain when it gets below 50-degrees...because we are just not that used to a lot of cold days. And when it is below 35-degrees, we run to get extra wood for the fireplaces (and buy all of the bread and milk in the grocery store)...thinking that we surely are about to turn into Popsicles.
 So, when the weatherman talks about it dropping into the teens at night...and 20's in the daytime...we are miserable!
When I'm typing, and I do a LOT of hands and fingers do not need to be stiff and cold.
 And these hand warmers are good for helping to warm them up. But, they are not so good at letting me have a great range of motion. So, not so good for typing I found. Even with the fingers cut out, the "mouse" feels so strange in my hand that this is not going to work for long.
The house is cool, but not cold...the thermostat is set to 68-degrees and I'm going to TRY not adjusting I want to keep my heating bills down some this year.
And then, I remembered that I had purchased a little desk heater some years back...before retiring. My office as always cold...and we were not supposed to get any of those floor heaters. So, I tried this little tiny desk top model since I could easily remember to "turn it off" before heading home...
it is IDEAL. So, thought I'd share with you.

It is tiny, as you can tell by the size of the stapler on the desk. But, it puts out a LOT of heat ...and does it quickly. So, my fingers are not out of the gloves...and are toasty warm. Might just move it to the floor so my toes can thaw out next!
This model is a Lasko 102 "My Heat" and costs around $20 in the states. (Amazon Prime has it for $17 right now.)
 I also have a Lasko 754200, Ceramic Heat model which is about twice the size of this smaller model, and uses radiant heat. But it does not get hot very quickly. I tried it first, since it is larger...but it blows cold air until the radiant heat elements warm up and that did not help at all.

So, if your hands are always cold when you stitch or type then you might want to check out one of these little heaters.


Sandra said...

I have tried knitting, crocheting and cross stitch with hand warmers on and it just does not work for me. Can't imagine typing with them either.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Boo hoo!! It's 2 degrees here in New England. But actually our house is toasty. We have an ancient furnace.. The colder it gets the warmer it keeps the house.
Stay warm it's only temporary!

Marilyn said...

Very warm. I made some fingerless mitts from a felted cashmere sweater and they work well although they do feel a little odd. I am going to check to see if they have them up here.

traderslostart said...

I feel for you Kathy, as we in New Hampshire are trying to avoid frostbite. I hope you stay warm, and that your little heater keeps your fingers or toes warm until your weather manages to creep up to a more comfortable level. For us that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. Hope to be in touch on January 10th.
God Bless you my friend.