Friday, May 22, 2015

Open Registration for ICQC-102 (Paint, Dye, Ink, Etc)...and changes to requirements...

Well, I have done some thinking (and you know how dangerous THAT can be). But, I have decided to drop the requirement for completion of ICQC-101 before you take ICQC-102.

You will still need the ICQC-101 for all other modules of ICQC...just not the #102 one.

After don't need to have a pieced block available to you to be able to dye lace and ribbon.

You do...for the other modules...because you have to have "something" to actually stitch upon.

So...since you have the finished BCQC...YOU ARE NOW ELIGIBLE to sign up for ICQC-102 if you are interested....and can take it at the same time as finishing ICQC-101 if you are still working at these tasks.

The ICQC-102 Module is open now for registration...but will also open again in a few weeks.

Go to last post for more info on the class.


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