Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CQJP Block - June

Can you believe it...I have gotten CAUGHT UP! Usually by March, I'm already running behind in getting my blocks done for CQJP...and don't catch back up until November (sometimes even December). Each year...I hang my head in shame...a poor example to my fellow challenge participants!
And this year...I started out the same way...letting other priorities and commitments come first. 
But, I pushed through...and spend time just enjoying stitching for "myself" and actually got caught up in the process!
Now, don't come over and look at my poor floors that need mopping, my carpets that need vaccuming, or my shelves that need they become lower priorities!


valall said...

I love the June block. The shawl over her arm looks so real. It is nice to know that you are normal and can leave a floor unmapped on occasion too.

Christine B said...

What a fabulous block Kathy and well done on getting caught up! :) x

Beedeebabee said...

Good for you for getting caught up with your always beautiful stitching! This is just sooo lovely! :)

Pam McDonald said...

Wow, how gorgeous!! I hear you about letting things get in the way. I never did get to finish your beginners class. I hope to get back to it at some point!!

traderslostart said...

I absolutely ❤ it . . .
All gorgeous. I especially love the roses, scarf, hair, shawl, bee. butterfly, and birds.
Not necessarily in that order. I am especially happy that you have been doing the hexie's, they are my favorites. And I too, keep trying to actually start and finish your class, but life keeps happening, and day's get shorter all the time.