Monday, June 1, 2015

HEX #2 Finish

 I'm working on some HEX blocks, for CQJP and for modeling some of the ICQC Class techniques. This is the second block done.
 The ribbon lady is from a pattern that Maureen Greeson has and is kind enough to let me include as a handout in the ICQC-104 Class module.
 The embroidery rose is done in silk threads and reminds me of a more traditional style of motif.
 The monogram is one of the patterns in the handouts for the ICQC-103 Class module.
 Plus, seams are of course a part of any successful CQ Block! So, here are several in this hex for you to enjoy!
 Hope you are getting some time to stitch today!
 Enjoying actually getting to put needle to some fabric myself of late.
Hugs, as always!


shirley said...

This work is gorgeous. Love that crinoline lady.

Denise said...

Gorgeous block!! I love the ribbon lady!

DH said...

Love, love, love your pretty purple lady with her wonderful ruffles! Dawn

Gina said...

The monogram! and the ribbon lady! I can't wait!!!! Gorgeous... and my last name starts with S also, though I'd probably do a G for my first name :)

Marianne S-M said...

I love everything about this. Hexie, fabulous lady, marvelous monogram, and perfectly stitched rose., great seams too!

leonamm said...

Kathy, what fabulous work. I am presently in your ICQC-103 and I see I really need go back and reread some of the information from the basic course. Thank you for posting these. Thank you for giving us your time and talent by teaching us. It is unbelievable that you do the classes for free as they make them available to people such as myself. Although we have only met over the web, I absolutely love you. Sending prayers and hugs, Leona M

TT said...


J'aime beaucoup la dame au ruban