Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hexagon CQ Quilt Continues

My progress has slowed over the summer, but I'm still working at it! The hot weather seems to really play with my CFS and leaves me too tired to think. This cooler Autumn air is such a blessing, and I'm finally beginning to feel more like "myself". Am so far behind in many tasks, have to get some energy soon to get back on track!
This is one of the silkie blocks, so doesn't have as much embroidery in motifs as the others to date...but I tried to add some different roses to this one for more interest.
These Fargo Roses have been "touched" by my ProMarkers in the center and along the ribbon edges to get a variegated effect.
Hugs to all!




Jane Raymond said...

I love how you add embroidery to your ladies. They always look so wonderful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That's a really pretty hexxie Kathy. Are you making a full-size quilt or a wallhanging? I'm sure you said earlier, but I've forgotten!

Anonymous said...

I love the bouquet she is holding. That is so pretty. Touching up the roses with the marker worked really well, and I wouldn't have thought of that. What a beautiful block. Slow is better than none. I've decided to make 9 blocks this year. It will just have to do. ;)

Christine B said...

What a beautiful block Kathy! I love the way you have embellished the silkie! Christine x

Carolyn said...

Kathy, I can't wait to carry on with our Hexagons. Will be watching out for sign-ups!!! This hexie is looking really great!

Jo Ferguson said...

Oh my, that is an exquisite block. I'm glad the cooler weather is helping you to feel better.