Sunday, November 15, 2015

Doing the Happy Dance!!!

This week the final print proof of my new book was approved...and I ordered the print copies for my Etsy shop. So, those of you that have taken advantage of the Pre-Order 30% savings...will get your books mailed out as soon as these books arrive at my door (at least by 1 December). 
BUT...If you go to today...and search for Kathy will see my new book because Crazy Quilting Volume I: Beyond the Basics is available EARLY on Amazon! I'm so happy about that, just in time for spread the news. Of course it is full price, not discounted as my Etsy Site is right now.
For international folks...or anyone that prefers to read electronic is also available as an Amazon Kindle book! The official release for this electronic version is tomorrow...but you can get it today, and it will be delivered tomorrow. If you go to and search for "Kathy Shaw" or the book is what you will see! (The site has 1 Dec as the release date..but that will change as I just approved the release date of tomorrow)

PLUS, If you have Kindle can read it for free!

Doing the happy dance!


Jo Ferguson said...

Congrats, Kathy. Your hard work has payed off. I hope you take some time to celebrate.

Erme said...

I have enjoyed it so much. I can hardly wait to get started. Erma