Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cathy's Block

It has been a few months since I signed up to participate in a round robin, but I just could not pass up the traditional "Batik Me" one at Crazy Quilters International FaceBook group this past fall. Here is my work on Cathy Glover's first round to be received.
 Being the first to work on a Round Robin means you are also "setting the tone" for that block. I loved the pinks (of course) and purples that Cathy chose and the patches were large enough for some nice motifs in the center. So, I went with that...and added some lace just so there would be a bit there in case the other ladies wanted to include some small pieces in their rounds.

 This ribbon lady is done in thread embroidery for the top, and the skirt and accents are done in silk ribbon. She is one of the patterns in my next book: Crazy Quilting Volume II - Working with Ribbon that is in the "writing stage" now.

 Here is my hedge row of roses. I just could not stop myself! It IS busy, but looks great on the block and balances nicely with the other seams so far.

This darker rosebud seam anchors the lace pieces and adds some depth to the colors of pink throughout the block.

This little purple plum tree really is so cute! Since this tree (with different leaves) was on the cover of my first book (Embellishing Crazy Quilts workbook) has become a sort of "signature" for I include it in a lot of works. I do try to change up the types of leaves however.

Are you stitching on something today? I hope's a great way to begin the new year!

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