Thursday, August 25, 2016

Millefiori Patterns

Just a few days ago, I launched the Hexagon Magic pattern. This design has some small parts which make a fantastic (but challenging) quilt. Sometimes we want a challenge...and even need a challenge. BUT, as I was reminded...other times...we just want a relaxing time of stitching...YET STILL we want the results to be fantastic.
So, I'm resizing the pattern pieces for each of the five Hexagon Magic designs...and will be issuing them as individual (and cheaper) patterns in my Etsy Shoppe. Each design can be used as a small table topper when just pieced as an individual block. OR these Millefoiri style designs can also be combined to create a more kaleidoscope style quilt. Each design can also be used individually (repeatedly) to create a quilt using only the single block design. The photo above shows the relative size difference between the Hexagon Magic and the Millefoiri  patterns. So, which challenge interests you the most? I liked both piecing experiences...but the larger does appeal to me more because I like to have something "finished"....and it would be easier for me to achieve that goal. So many things don't get finished...I need the extra leverage!
The size of each hexagon measures about 10 inches on each flat side and about 18 inches across (flat side to flat side). It would not take very many of these hexagon medallions to create a larger quilt.
After I have re-sized the five Hexagon Magic designs into the Millefoiri Pattern series, I'll be adding even more designs to the group. I think these larger quilt blocks will be more fun for "everyone" to stitch.

Here is the second block to be pieced.  I know I had fun creating the first couple of this series...and used my glue stick to do the "securing" of the fabric seam allowances to the back of my card-stock pieces. Check out the tutorial post this morning to see how the piecing came together on this first and second blocks...3 more to go!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, that larger size is MUCH more appealing to me. Let us know when they are in the Etsy shop. I love the small ones, and some people will just eat those up, but for me, bigger works better. I've been doing Barbara Brackman's, and some of those are killing me. And I'm only on block 4!

Anonymous said...

They're both incredible but I tend to be drawn to the challenge of small blocks.