Thursday, August 4, 2016

Update to Course Schedule for 2016

I just updated the Calendar of classes for the remainder of this year. More BCQC classes and Traditional/Special classes have been included. Here is the new schedule (it is also under the page link for course/class schedule):

Please note that ALL Classes are open for registration on "specific" windows in time. Early/late registrations are not please mark your calendar to remind you of these time-frames. Thanks! :)

Each individual course is offered more than once a year...but not during the year-end holidays. If you miss a course this year...there will be a new schedule for 2017 posted towards the end of the year. I update the schedule as new classes are developed and based on the interest level of existing courses throughout the year.

The BCQC Course is a requirement for all of the ICQC Courses (except ICQC-102).

  Some ICQC Courses can be taken "out of order" (except for the 103 & 104 modules).

The TQC Courses must be taken "in order". 

Special Courses do not require any prior course work.

Classes that require they be taken "in order" means that the instructions are progressive, one module leading into the next they can't be done out of order. The BCQC is the preliminary requirement for the intermediate crazy quilt courses because it contains the basic instructions on how the CQ courses will be conducted and where the primary handouts for reference material is provided (it is not an indication of "skill level"; so advanced as well as novice stitchers both begin with this course).

All classes are FREE of charge, but supplies will be needed of course. I do not sale kits or supplies...and encourage you to use what is in your existing stash for most items. I also provide information on CQ Suppliers that have given the class participants a the BCQC Module. All of my classes are ON-LINE courses...which will require a printer and accessibility to the individual class blog site (by invitation from me).

BCQC - Basic Crazy Quilting Course:

6-8 August
14-16 September
11-13 October

ICQC - Intermediate Quilting Courses:

ICQC-101: Design and Piecing Various Blocks 

(All 2016 ICQC-101 courses are underway, Open again in 2017)


ICQC-102: Changing Colors (Dying/Painting/Inking, etc.)

(All 2016 ICQC-102 courses are underway, Open again in 2017)


ICQC-103: Embroidery Motifs and Seams

23-25 August

ICQC-104: Motifs w/Fabrics and Threads

4-6 October
 TQC - Traditional Quilting Courses:

TQC-201: Different Piecing Techniques

29-31 August
18-20 October

TQC-202: Additional Piecing Techniques

25-27 October

  Special Courses:
SP-301: Shadow Applique Christmas
28-30 September 

LAST EDIT of THIS Schedule was on 4 August 2016

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