Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TQC-202 (Placemats) is OPEN for Registration - 25-27 October

This course is the follow-on class to the TQC-201 (Mugrugs) Course. You must have completed the MugRug Traditional Quilting Course before signing up to this course. This is a traditional quilting course in piecing nine blocks, 12-inch size. 
They can be finished as individual placemats or as a larger wall-hanging. It is possible to construct an entire bed size quilt, but more than nine of these blocks will be required...so you would need to duplicate some of them.

As with other courses, a private class blog will be established and you will be provided an invitation to that. If you would like to register for this course please send your Name, Email Address, and State/Country information to shaw.kathy@yahoo.com during the open registration period. No early or late registrations will be accepted.


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