Monday, November 14, 2016

A Gentle Helping Hand is Needed...

Good day all! Hope you are having a wonderful (and productive) day!
If you get a moment, please check out Pam Kellogg's latest blog post... and lend a hand if you are able to help out...and would like to do so.

I remember when so many of you reached out to me when I needed your help after my sewing machine just shut down (memory board went out)...and it meant so very much to me. Pam is facing much harder challenges than that...and I hope you will be in a place to donate even a small amount. Small amounts add up fast when we all just reach out a little bit to help each other! Thank you!

Here at home, the days are certainly getting cooler! This apartment is beginning to have a good chill during the I know that soon I'll be putting the quilts back up again. You may not know, but we get a cold north-wind howling under the front door and the north-facing windows. To help with this, I hang cheap purchased quilts on these windows as curtains...have added grommets to them. Their thickness stops most of the wind and I get to enjoy the quilts at the same time. Also, makes me feel like I'm snuggled into a warm den for the winter...but I do miss the sunshine until Spring comes again.

I'm still working on CQ Purses...have four stitched; just need to get the clasps attached...perhaps tomorrow. We shall see!

Sending out HUGS to everyone!

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