Friday, January 13, 2017

Beaded and Hand-dyed Lace Yoke

I added a new item to the Etsy shop today, a hand-dyed lace yoke. It is suitable (in my opinion) to be attached to a simple A-line dress, a Spring wedding dress, or used as part of a costume design.
The photos are against a dark blue terry cloth towel, just to show how it would contrast against a dark fabric nicely. Personally, I think it would be most effective against a pastel...but, you know how I love my pastels!
The base yoke is gold metallic and shines wonderfully. The hand dyed lace motifs cover it almost completely, with hints of gold peeking out here and there. The lace motifs have some beading added to give it more dimension. It really is gorgeous and would be wonderful just displayed alone. 
To be worn, it can be sewn into the shoulder seams with simple basting stitches...allowing it to be used for multiple dresses, gowns, or blouses as desired. 
If you have never thought to try something like this yourself, I encourage you to consider it...layering hand-dyed lace is very creatively rewarding!

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