Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Keeping Busy...

This past weekend was hectic and I am so glad that Aidan was visiting. Together, we kept the chickens fed, the cat looked after and both dogs walked. Mom was visiting brother in the hospital, so it was nice to have help here at home while she did so. Brother is back home, doing better...and life is back to normal...thankfully!
Today, I'm on the laptop checking on classes and writing the module for the ICQC-105 course that is scheduled to open the end of the month. As usual...other things have gotten into my personal space there were un-forseen...and I'm scrambling to get back on schedule myself. I've printed off some of the silk ribbon embroidery designs so I can start stitching on these tonight.

But, just wanted all to know that I am busy...hugs! Reminder too that the ICQC-104 module will open tomorrow.

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