Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Floral & Roses RR, Lydia's Block...Day One

So far, last month was nuts with so many appointments...and this month has begun the same way. But, none today...yea! Gives me time to work on Lydia's block...here is the beginning.

The day is very overcast...so a lamp is needed, even though there is sunshine coming in the windows behind me.

Thought I'd do a few seams, and a button cluster in the corner on the bottom left. So, I begin with my base seams along the sewn seam lines. Next, add some lace along the curved seam and a crochet piece on the curved patch.

Isn't the little doily pretty...it was a gift but I can't remember from who. It has been in my lace drawer. The floral lace piece is also a gift from Nicki Lee...who has the best dyed lace!

Lastly, here are the base seams. Not very fancy yet...but that will come with more layers of "pretty" added. So, enough for today...back at this tomorrow (after yet another appointment).



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