Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas soap is almost done!

At least, all of my Christmas soap is poured. I still have to design labels for today's batches...and get the "presents" all together. Hopefully, I can show you that tomorrow.

I got these new silicone molds, but they are only about 1/2 inch tall...so I'm thinking they are probably designed more for cookie baking that soap pouring. But, never-the-less...my Apricot-Peach soap will be welcome with pretty designs on top anyway. I'll free these in a little while, and share a photo of the finished soaps tomorrow.

This next group is a Lavender scrub bar, I chose one of the flowers molds to pour these up into. There are dried/crushed lavender buds within the bar and the smell is wonderful!

Last is a Chocolate-Mint bar. This will stay in the mold until tomorrow most likely, just because this large mold take much longer to create a solid bar that the individual bar molds do...even though they are all silicone molds. This also needs to be supported on the sides...which I'm going by stacking my long medicine organizer/butter-dish against one side and my blender/can-opener on the other side. If it is not supported in some way, the side tend to "balloon out", which would make a strange shaped soap. There are wooden frame boxes that hold these, but the one I ordered is not here yet...so I'm being "creative".

Hope you are considering making a few of your Christmas gifts this year...it is really fun!


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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Mmmmm - chocolate mint! I have designs on trying a chocolate coffee 'flavour' after Christmas. I'd love the lavender, if only it didn't make me sneeze.