Friday, November 10, 2017

Fancy Seam Designs - Seam #10

The Fancy Seam Designs Stitch-a-long  is a challenge to stitch all 500 seams within Crazy Quilting - Volume III: Fancy Seam Designs, by Kathy Seaman Shaw (available at

Today is Seam #10 (which is on Page 10, first seam on that page).

Hope you enjoy stitching this seam!

This seam includes some Woven Roses and Stab Stitch leaves. To keep the roses of a uniform size, make a little cardboard or plastic template. Simply draw the 5 "spokes" for the base. Put little "Dots" at the end of each spoke; and one in the center...then use a 1/16 inch hand-held hole punch to punch-out the dots. Mark the placement of every rose, stitch the spokes with Perle cotton...anchor your ribbon and being the weaving...then end the ribbon at the back of your work. If this is a new rose for you, the only thing you may need to know that may not be in the that you need about 18-20 inches of ribbon for each rose.

You can also see the seams stitched by others if you are a member of the Facebook Group, Modern Crazyquilt Seams here.


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Susan said...

A particularly pretty one, Kathy - even in pink! =)