Saturday, November 18, 2017

Up for a Quilt-a-Long?

I think I  have "quilt on the brain" lately as I just can't get the Celtic Candy Stripe pattern out of my head.

For the past couple of years actually, I've been doodling and playing around with the idea of changing the Celtic Knot pattern by adding more "ribbons" and still having it on point. I started and stopped several times in re-calculating the size of all of the rectangles in this design.

Then, finally...last month I decided that "enough was enough" and I just needed to stop procrastinating and just finish up this idea. Now...I want to sew it! But have absolutely no time really...but can't get it out of my head.

So, as I always do...I'm pushing myself to get it done beginning the first of the year. I'll be hunting through my fabrics for just the right ones as I have too many to want to go get more (unless necessary...hee, hee!), not sure which variation I'll end up with.

If you want to join in the adventure and create this quilt top along with me...1) get your pattern from the Etsy shop...2) determine the quilt size you'll be making...3) begin your own "shopping" adventure in your stash or at the fabric store...and 4) prepare to begin cutting patches in January! (Hint: When choosing fabrics...go with non-directional prints, tone-on-tones, batiks, or solids. Directional prints or strips will be too difficult to work with as the ribbon turn all sorts of directions.)

Lastly, follow along on the blog in January then for my own progress reports and photos as we proceed.

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