Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lace Motif Set #2

The lace motifs I posted about a few days ago have almost sold out...only one set is left. So, I decided to add a different grouping to the Etsy Shop today. There are four pieces of lace in this new set.

Lace #1:

This is a four-inch wide rayon that I special ordered for my niece's wedding gown. It is gorgeous, high quality and off white. Not pure white, but when is not next to another does appear to be white it is so light.

Lace #2, #3 and #4:

These next three pieces are truly white, and are also a great quality...and also rayon. So, every piece in this collection would be great for dying any color in the rainbow. Lace #2 could be cut into small motifs or used as a seam lace since it is 1.5" wide. The second lace is a great seam lace being it is only 1/5 inch tall. The bottom lace is the widest of all at 5 1/2 inches and could easily be cut into 3 different widths (separate between swag/bottom rose AND bottom rose/other rose leaves). Or, cut totally apart into individual swag, rose, leave motifs for multiple crazy quilt projects.

There are about 8 sets I think...well see as I unwind to measure out. I started the site with quantity of five just to be sure I had the amount listing. :)

Trim sets are also getting check those out when you visit the site. Hugs!

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