Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wet on Wet Cookies

I'm still working on "practicing" the art of cookie decorating. This techniques is called "Wet on Wet" because the basic layer of frosting is immediately added to by the 2nd layer of frosting...instead of waiting for the first layer of Royal Frosting to dry.

I like the polka-dots..and can see where this would be cute for a children's party or a baby shower using the correct colors for the party's "theme".

The chevron design is nice...but I still like the polka-dots the best. I need to remember to pop the little air bubbles when finished the decorating...but was so nervous trying the technique that I totally forgot that step! I'd also like to get a "rounder" look to the icing when I float it on the cookie...but at present am just going to be happy that it is not running off the edge!

I'm having the best fun just learning...hope these clearly unprofessional results inspire you to want to bake Christmas Cookies too!

Edited to add:
If you need more food ideas for a party...check out this post about baby shower foods on little!

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Susan said...

Obviously, I'm no cookie judge, because I would buy cookies that look exactly like that and never think anything of it. They look fabulous to me!