Thursday, September 20, 2018

2019 Crazy Quilt Calendar...available on 1 October...

The 2019 Crazy Quilt Calendar is ready!  It'll be released on October 1st!!! To find out more...go check out Pam Kellogg's blog.

The 4 seasons cover design is by Shirlee Fassell.

January - Betty Pillsbury
February - Suzy Quaife
March - Kathleen Klein
April - Nicki Lee Seavey
May - Karen Guthrie
June - Pam Peugh
July - Sandra Visser
August - Brenda Sandusky
September - Angela Grasse
October - Lisa Boni
November - Heather Brighton
December - Linda Steele

I was fortunate enough to get an early copy for review, and THE PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS! The works are all inspiring. Well done to the stitchers...and to Pam for putting this together. Don't miss out...mark your calendar to get this on the 1st of October! Then, write all of the dates for the Shawkl Design Studio course registrations in it! ;)


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