Sunday, September 9, 2018

CQ - Finishing Tips

This is the beginning of a new project. The blocks are diamond shaped, and I've pieced a small corner section using two different approaches...same pattern/colors (except for some embellishing).

The section includes one diamond (center), Small Corner triangle, Top Triangle, Side Triangle. I've inverted the second finished section so both of these would fit in one photo.

The section on the left is pieced in a traditional way...using 1/4" seam allowance and machine piecing. The section on the right is pieced by machine just for the individual blocks. These are then backed with fabric, similar to how an English Paper Piecing quilt would be.

Here is a photo showing the back fabric used. The advantage of this approach is that when all of the patches are backed...then sewn together; the quilt could be considered as "complete". The disadvantage would be that it is all hand if you don't enjoy that; it's not the approach you would want to pursue. 

Neither of these units have any embroidery on the connecting seams. These are just done for examples. But, I still need to decide whether or not the "real quilt" done by this pattern will include work on the connecting seams. Hugs!

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