Thursday, September 6, 2018

NES - Band #1, Rows 1-4

Here's my progress so far in the Never Ending Sampler stitch-a-long cross-stitch project. The design is presented in rows and is free to participants. If you want to give this a can find it at Pam Kellogg's blogsite. Pam is also preparing pdf downloads which will soon be available for folks (like me) that like to work from a paper pattern rather than have a tablet or computer handy. There is also a Facebook group documenting their progress...for more eye-candy. You can read all about that on Pam's blog as well.

I'm stitch the design on black 14-ct Aida, with sz 20 cording by Lizbeth (found on Etsy). The color variation is "Vinyard Harvest".

The photo really does not do justice to the true Black of the cloth or the sheen and beauty of this thread...which is almost like a braid than a twist cotton.

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