Thursday, May 30, 2019


Joining a quilt guild last month means...I need a name tag. I have the little plastic case and can insert a card with my name written on it...but...BORING! So, thought it was time to create another chatelaine. I do have one, done decades ago....before crazy quilting entered my life.
Very "vanilla" as I only used it for my name and Guild Letters. I attached my quilt pins (AQS, etc) to it...but honestly usually forgot it when I went to meetings. So, I'll have to do better this time around at remembering!

Here's where I am in this adventure so far. Have the fronts to both sides of the chatelaine piece. 

Found some prior embroidery pieces I had done, some cross-stitches little bits, even a shadow embroidery little bow in my pile of "stitched samples". I printed the "I Love Crazy, Bee Happy, and Name on to cotton fabrics...they may or may not get any more embellishing...we'll see.
Both have a base of linen with a cotton (orange piece) inside foundation layer. Each half looks like a really short tie at this point. Both of these two halfs will have another fabric piece (probably felt) that will connect them and go behind my neck, and become the backing that hides all of my knots, etc.

Why not consider working on a chatelain of your own? You could even add organization to it....little pockets, loops for hanging things (I'm thinking of adding one for my glasses!)...really it is quite a neat thing to have handy when stitching.

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Julierose said...

I have done quite a bit of crazy quilting--but have never made a Chatelaine...
yours is looking lovely--Did you make your own pattern for this? Hugs, Julierose