Monday, August 5, 2019

Autumn is around the corner...

...and we'll all be hunting for pumpkins soon! Can't believe how fast this year is going by...summer vacation is basically in the rear-view mirror now...and we'll be looking for those gorgeous fall leaf colors soon.

I spent some time today checking out Pinterest...and quickly got lost in the varieties of pumpkins stitched. Of course, about 75% of them were machine done...embroidery mostly. But, a few were hand work and reminded me that there are various ways to approach a single embroidery design.

Simple is not necessarily boring...and a quick little idea is sometimes all that is needed.

If you have a bit more time to spend on a motif, perhaps adding some type of "doodling" to the larger spaces would be just the treatment needed. Pretty sure this specific motif is a machine variety, but still liked the idea just the same.

Or, a more spider-web kind of abstract art filling is more to your liking? This pumpkin above has a filling in each section that reminds me of a string art project. Can you see that? It would be cute and quick too.

Smaller motifs could be closer to realism if you totally filled the spaces. Satin Stitch would work for really tiny pumpkins; but most likely Stem Stitch, Stab Stitch or Long/Short Stitch is the best idea for motifs that are small...but not tiny in size. Again, think this is a machine embroidery version, but could see this done in long/short stitches by hand.

If the pumpkin design is really large, it could be done in fabric. I like the idea of different orange fabrics or just different all together as in this multi-colored idea. This art object could be painted? (maybe stenciled?)...but the idea translates well to the idea of using fabrics. I also like the floral arrangement at the top, but not too sure they are really of  "Autumn" timing...seems a bit Spring to me. Perhaps peppers and corn instead?

Whatever you choose...think about adding a pumpkin to your Autumn d├ęcor by creating a little pumpkin motif on a hand-towel, crazy quilt block, mug rug, or such. 

All of my Patreon Followers will get a little quick motif design to get you started.

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Susan said...

Thanks, Kathy! I do like pumpkins. =) The one on the onesie is so cute and simple and appealing. I know you'll have a good use for that one. ;)