Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rose Bud Blocks Continued...

...finally all of the parts have been cut out. "Finally" because it seemed to take forever...but really, it took one afternoon to press the fusible/freezer-paper patterns to the fabric. Then, a weekend basically to cut them all out.

Now, I'm busy aligning and pressing them to the white background blocks. The stem lines are drawn on in pencil.

I'll be embroidering around each piece in perle green/red. Not sure if I'm going to like the stems in size 8 (which is what I'm using for the "around" stitching). Might need to find some size 5 in the same green color if possible. So, will go searching online...or drive to Hobby Lobby (about 30 miles) one day. We shall see....for now, it more pressing to get all 80 blocks ironed down.
This will be a great evening 'tv time' embroidery to work on...all Stem Stitch.

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