Saturday, September 7, 2019

Heads Up Class Folks!


Windows 10 update last night crashed my system...and now, I can't get the laptop to "recognize" my external drive...where all of my files are held.

So, have ordered a "fix" I hope...after spending all night (literally) trying different "help" suggestions...none of which worked.

Have un-installed the update...but same problem still exists.

So, have an old laptop...but will wait until the "fix" arrives from Amazon on Monday before I go that route.

So, if I can find an old email that has "your next task" in it...and can forward...then you will get a new task. If not...then you have to take a break until Tuesday.

But, meanwhile...after staying up all night working on this problem (literally...all night)...we had a family yard sale the hot sun. So, I'm cranky, hot, tired, hungry...stinky...and need a shower, food, and sleep. That is my priority at hope you understand if I don't talk more until tomorrow.

Hugs, to all...put your feet up and dream of future projects!


Sandra said...

Ouch you poor dear. Problems like that are a real pain.

Gail R said...

Hang in there !