Monday, November 25, 2019

Book Review: The Storyteller's Sampler Quilt by Cinzia White

This is one hefty about twice the width of most books these days. But, that extra space is needed to document the 359 block designs included in this catalog of inspiration! Each block is a tiny pieced wonder (most hand sewn due to their size). Each has a full size pattern and detailed diagram on how to pieced. None of these are overly complicated...but the bits are too small for my old eyes to want to actually sew. While the author hand pieced the blocks; she has included paper piecing instructions on many of them (which would make it easier to do these with a machine). There is some applique and some embroidery peppered throughout the blocks as well. 

While I will not be making this quilt, the book is so worth space on my shelf; and will remain there for years to come because it is so inspiring. Sometimes, I need books just to pull down and look at to remind me that when the "tedious" gets overwhelming, there are still OTHER quilts out there that are so much more detailed than the one I happen to be trying to finish at the moment...and while THEY were done...this one can be done too! A little "pep talk" to myself at times...ha!

Some of the blocks are very manageable, even using fabric strips or fabric with stripes rather than teensy parts. Also, many of the blocks within this quilt are designs that could be done in satin stitch embroidery...especially since the pieces ARE so small. It would be interesting to interpret several of few dozen perhaps. That's going to be on my list of future idea projects as it is intriguing me and I have a vision of the results already. So, best begin a new Project Sheet for the idea before it leaves my head!

If you love small hand pieced projects this is certainly the quilt for you! If you just want to be inspired by the glorious work of other quilters, this is the book for you!

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