Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Kentucky Bound...almost!

 Well, shortly anyway...have a group visit the end of July. Presently, am working on some kits...and a sample of the class project. Here's the overall design in color:

We've agreed to change the initial heart shape to the more simplified square...just because it would be easier to manage for all skill levels. Here is the layout of the base layer of fiber embroidery (without the silk ribbon elements or any beads/sequins/buttons).

The SHAPE seam in the center (hexagons) is the last to stitch...and is flexible enough to pick/choose elements to use when filling the space. You will notice that it differs in the "real life" example...because I had sewn the block of silk fabrics before altering the size slightly in the final pattern. Rather than re-sew a new just going with the original layout as the adjustments were pretty minor.

Here is the block of Dupioni Silk fabrics with the completed first layer of embellishment...fiber embroidery.

I'm resting from it...and trying to decide if I want to continue with the other layers (ribbon and beads) now...or keep it like this for the class so everyone can more easily see the thread work. 

Also working on kits for the class...have spent a good portion of Memorial Day weekend punching 1/16" holes in class templates. I like to have a little kit ready...and then larger sets of template available for sale if folks decide that they like the techniques/procedures and want to continue on their own. (Of course, they could also jump into the free classes as those are ALL uploaded here to the blog...but I plan on talking to that subject during the class while in Kentucky).

There are still small needle cases to create for the class; and print out the instructions sheets. But all that will be done before packing next month. All is on track!
So, next up is the design/creation of a sample book for a class in Mississippi next Spring. It is due as an example for the Guild before, working as fast as I can.

Still handling Quilt Guild business as the president of the local guild; family events; working full-time; and designing a fourth templet set. ALWAYS busy!

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