Friday, October 7, 2022

Easy & Quick Design Boards

 Okay, before we get into the EASY part...let me show you the not so easy and not so quick part. Went to the DollarTree yesterday and came home with 10 foam core boards. Cut them into various square sizes last night. Got up this morning and put some black flannel on them (with clear Elmer glue)...all was going so well.

Then, took some 2.5" jelly roll strips (from DollarTree) to cover the edges after watching too YouTube videos that gave me the idea in the first place. Basically, one used a glue gun and the other used Ultra Heat'n'Bond to hold the fabrics down along the edges.

Worked on four large (18" size) boards first...this is the only corner that is really neat and the miter doesn't come close to matching.

This is what most of the corners look like. I tried adding some glue underneath that fold, but even that just was not looking great.

So, changed my plan...and here is the resulting corner for the stack of 8-inch boards. My secret?

And I'm proud of it! The results are great...and even though the only colors I have are chrome, gray, white and black on hand...there are others if you wnt to get really creative. Here is how I apply my edges:

At this stage, the black felt is glued to the board. This was easy...just a willy-nilly back and forth stream with attention along the edges too. I have a ruler and measure the first side at 1/2 inch from the bottom...and put a pin there. Repeat for the other side.

The tape is aligned with the left edge and just nests against both is about 1/2 " showning on the front.

Then, I wrap the tape around the edge and flatten it out on the back (which is pink in these boards). There is about 1 1/4" of tape on the back side.

Here is what the front side looks like with the one side finished.

And, here's what the finished design board looks like. I have dozens more to finish up...but these are easy and pretty cheap to create. Also, I'm not using up jelly rolls for craft projects...when I'd rather have my fabric for quilts.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Gonna have to try it myself. I need some design boards. I try to quilt, crazy quilt and do various crafts. I have so many interest that these will be great! Thank you for sharing.