Saturday, August 12, 2023

Small Ballerina Doll


Just got back from Mississippi where I had a wonderful time with a group of lovely ladies from the Jackson Stitchery Group...we had a fun time working on some small cloth dolls together. If you are anywhere near Jackson or Meridian, MS...look these gals up; they really know how to enjoy their rug hooking, embroidery, pottery, etc.

These dollies have boobs...but, could be done without these as a more traditional style ballerina doll. We painted the shoes and used tulle for the skirts. The hair is a combination of many strands of various yarns/fibers/ribbons. 

Attaching links to the handouts which I've uploaded to GoogleDrive; just in case any of you might like to try this pattern out.

Supply List:


Fabric Cutting Instructions:


Doll Assembly Instructions:


Doll Pattern:


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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Seeing these makes me want to make a doll again! I'm hopeful our youngest grandie will turn out to be a girlie-girl and love dolls but the odds aren't great because she has two older brothers and her mom doesn't care for dolls.