Monday, April 1, 2024

Seams Adventure Begins

 I've been itching to design more seams lately. So, decided to begin a new Patreon page where I can post these weekly.

These are not re-publication of seams from my books...but new seam ideas. I will be posting one each week (on Sunday) throughout the year. 

As I design motifs, (like this one we played with in the Intermediate Class)...

... I will post them as well. My goal is to draw one at least monthly. My head is full of project ideas too, like this little zipper organizational bag design in my brain at present. So, I know that they will also find their way to the site over time too.

If you want to get these new designs...the cost is from $3 montly to $7 monthly...depending on how much of ME you want. Ha!

Here is a link to go check out all the details if you are interested:

Welcome & What to Expect | Patreon


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