Friday, September 26, 2008

Dying Lace with Mom

Mom and I were talking last week about the truck load (okay, maybe not quite that much) of lace I has mailed to my cyber friend Nicklee for dying. She is the Queen of Dyed Lace...and I begged her to do some of mine. Didn't really think I had a lot...until I started pulling from all my many drawers and boxes.

Anway, I found a few more pieces that did not get mailed. Mom asked "why can't you dye it yourself". After I quit laughing, I explained what I knew about dyes, permanent inks, curing, rayon vs nylon, ... took me about 3 minutes cause I don't know much. ;)

But, in talking about permanent inks, I tolk Mom about a television program that Renee (another super cyber pal) had seen where they use aloe vera to float the ink. She said we should try and see if that would work with food coloring. So, hey, why might cost me a few pieces of lace...but I 'apparently' have a lot!

So we drug out our food coloring gels and the aloe-vera and water and paint brushes. We mixed our magic formula (a squirt of this, a dab of that) and started painting. We were so excited at the marvelous colors that we could do with this dye!! Wish now, I had been smart enough to take photos of the process...sorry. We painted and then we 'cooked' them in the microwave for a minute. Rinsed them again...and let them air dry. Gorgeous laces!

When we finished...some hours later...I took the laces to the sink. Figured, I had best wash them off to ensure all of the residual food coloring was gone. And, yep, you probably guessed it...most of them came out white or cream again! We had a good laugh...and hours of fun doing them.

And, although all of them washed out terribly and some totally...we don't regret the experience and the fun! But, Nickilee...
you've got a permanent position as my lace dyer... :)

Here's what did make it, and what didn't.

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