Friday, November 7, 2008

It's the Simple Things

Today, I figured out how to do a very simple thing on a crazy quilt project I'm working on. And, it just made my entire day go so much better! Now, I'm sure there are millions of women who would have concluded this long before I finally got around to it...but, that doesn't make it any less sweet that I have finally accomplished it!
I've really be stumbling along trying to figure out how in the world to transfer a a CQ block if I couldn't iron on it. I can't claim to have even thought this up one of my wonderful cyber buddies beat me to it...but, that doesn't bother me one bit.
Here it is...tissue paper! Yep, plain ole...get a pack for a buck at the Dollar Tree store...ordinary tissue paper! I traced a tree from a book (Crazy Quilting by Christine Dabbs) and then pinned it to my CQ block. I did a simple straight stitch (cause that's what I know) complete the outline of the trunk and limbs. Now, I could go back and fill in this space; but, I'm happy with it now. Then I did simple lazy daisys for the leaves (did I mention 'beginner') :)
For the flowers, I used tiny spacer beads with a tinsy little #15 seed bead (rocailles) in the center to hold the spacer down. Viola!! A masterpiece....well, at least Me and my Mom love it!

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