Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TDiTM Stitch 31

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

My granddaughter is a great fan of flowers. She is five and comes to me often with a little budding treasure she has found. However, as most of them are dandilion flowers (usually just the head, as she sees no need to pick the stem...just the flower) they get a treasured spot on the kitchen counter ...for later disposal.

One of these little treasures got me to thinking about creating a stitched version of the dandilion seed pod and bright yellow flower. So, I stitched them both side-by-side and hope you enjoy the result.

The seed pod sits on top of the stem, so make sure you leave room for it when putting your row of stems in. Begin the pod by stitching a vertical and a horizonal line intersecting the middle of both. (Each line should be about an inch long (1/2 inch top and 1/2 inch bottom). Heres a chart of what I mean. Now stitch two more lines in the shape of an X also intersecting at the middle. Lastly, stitch another "wheel spoke" between the spokes already made my the first two steps. Now that all the spokes are made for the seed pod, add two tiny straight stitchs to the end of each spoke.

Complete the row of stitching with the lasy daisy stitched dandilion flower as the stitch chart indicates.

These have no beads, but certainly one could be added to the dandilion flower center nicely.

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