Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TDiTM Stitch 32

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

The basic dandilion flower at Stitch #31 was the starting point for this flower. It's a little different from the others we've been doing because the last step is to wrap the "spokes" to create the flower head.

Stitch the base flower according to instructions in stitch 31 post...and the end result should look a little like a wagon wheel. Here's a photo of what I mean. Please note that there is a even number of spokes, which is not conducive with wraping...as any basket weaver will tell you. However, we'll overcome that.

Once the base flower has been stitched, bring you needle up near the center...use the eye of the needle first instead of the tip when wrapping and you will not prick the thread. (in other words...back into the wraps). So, working in a clockwise direction: start with the nearest spoke...and go under it, then over the next spoke, under, over, under, over...until you get back to the beginning point. This is one round. Wrap you thread once around the starting spoke...and do the next round in the COUNTER-clockwise direction. Pay attention for each round that you are going over stitchs you went under at on the last round...and under stitches you went over on the last round. In other words, opposite TOP and BOTTOM threads will build as you finish the rounds.

Use as many rounds of the over-under stitches as necessary to fill in the space of the spokes. After you stitch a couple..it gets easier, and makes a really cute little flower.

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