Friday, May 22, 2009

TDiTM Template Loaded

Morning All!

The next few (dozen) stitches will be based on a circular I'm tired and bored of zigzags!! (And you probably are too!)

We'll still keep the basics the same...french knot, lazy daisy, straight, and chain stitches. So, if you can master these simple can do the entire 45 stitches I have already posted....and those scheduled to follow.

I'm considering some other stitches after we pass the first 10 dozen completed...but we'll just see how that goes!...nothing too radical however; cause this is supposed to be for us "newbies"...

You can get the new stitch template at

Just scroll down and find the Templates by Shawkl (Kathy) area...and click. Three templates are available that you can use for marking Crazy Quilt seams...

The site does require that you create a login/password....sorry, that's just how it works...but we don't do anything with the information. You'll just need to remember it to download files.

Look around while you're there are great photos of CQ endeavors...and lessons...from us gals at the message boards. Heck, while you're at it...come on over to and say hello. You'll have to scroll down to the very bottom of the front page....on the left side "message boards" will be in a tiny box of "additional things" on their site. They have lot's of active message board gardening, decorating, etc...but we're under the "Crafts" category...and then "Needlework and Quilting".....

The templates files are pdf format, so all should be able to print them out. They fit standard size paper. Take the printed sheet to your local copier and have them create a transparency for you (or print them on transparent sheet if you have them)...Cut the "rows" of stitches out...then punch holes where the little black dots are. This will create seam templates you can use to mark your stitch base (circle, half circle, oval, zigzag, etc). Just lay the little plastic seam strip down, and use a regular #2 pencil to place a "dot" in each hole you punched. Voila!! Now you have a guide to stitch perfect seams!

Oh, and use a tiny hole can find them in the scrapbook section. Get the single hand held type...they're less than $10.

Now, I'm off to daycare for a little while...then, will try to get the first few of the half-circle base stitches loaded for you to try out!

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