Thursday, May 21, 2009

TDiTM Stitch 45

Here's the next stitch...a long time coming. It is a simple variation using my favorite 5 point fan stitch (my name for it)...and the chain stitch zig zag base.

And...after looking at the posted stitch...I realize I didn't stitch all the french knots!! Oh bother!...Well, you'll just have to do better than I did...cause it would take another week for me to redo the photo again!!

It is taking me a while to get accustomed to this new laptop...and VISTA operating system. And my camera software is not it has been a real effort to try and find a work around to getting my photos loaded. Even then, they are way too large...and I'm trying to manipulate them in my scanning software to get them at a reduced pixel count that will load on web sites and message boards. What a chore! I'm not totally comfortable with the process yet...hopefully it will get better as I go along.

Sorry to be so long in posting this stitch, LIFE really happened for me these past few weeks....

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