Saturday, September 26, 2009

TDiTM Stitch #70

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

This stitch is made using a tissue paper technique we did for stitch #69 with two exceptions. First, reduce the width of the stitch ‘loop’ so the stitch is more of a series of half circles. Second, after you stitch a series of back stitches…remove the tissue…and wrap each stitch by sliding the needle (eye first) under each back stitch. Don’t pierce the fabric. This will effectively wrap the line of back stitches and create more texture.

The long vertical post and other posts that form the “star” are also back stitched and then wrapped. They can be drawn on the tissue and the entire design can be back stitched at once; or you can just estimate these lines after the base is completed.

Once you get uniform back stitches…and the feel for wrapping them…I think you’ll really like working this technique. I hope so, because we will be using it for the next dozen or so stitch treatments!

Hopefully, you'll be able to get your 'loops' more uniform than I did these!

Buttons, sequins, beads, and SRE or embroidery flowers would be cute inside of the loops too.

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