Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pet Bling!

Usually my pet jewelry is limited to necklaces that have magnetic closures or are strung with elastic bands that allow the jewelry to be slipped over the neck. They are very light in weight and most animals have no issue with wearing them. Here's my cocker spaniel...Buddy.

 They are intended for special events, and not everyday wear as they do not have a way to attach a leash. A small dog tag...perhaps...but not a leash. So, I've been looking for a good sturdy collar that would allow a leash to be used...and where I could attach some BLING!

And, I have found leather pet collars that allow pearls, stones, and crystals to be stitched to them! They are extremely sturdy with double rivets and a large buckle with end guide and a loop for attaching the tags! So, I have spend the last few hours beading! These will be delivered to Buddy's local groomer tomorrow...she graciously markets my pet jewelry for me. Wish me luck, that they sale!

And, if I can ever get ahead in my schedule (which is going to take a minor miracle!)...I might get enough of these created in various market them in the ShawklDesignStudio. So many ideas, so little time!

Of course, I'd make extra time for beading pet collars if someone wanted a special order. It's hard to know what items will be hits and which will be misses...and allot time accordingly. So, I'm doing a lot of "fishing expeditions" to see what works!

My favorite two of these are the black hematite style beads with the Swarvoski crystals...great contrast. Hmmm...I might have to do a "people necklace" with this combo too!! Hey, matching sets!!...Oh no...there goes my brain again....thinking up more projects...and my plate is over-flowing as it is!

Thank goodness school starts in two weeks!

Oh, but I forgot...if you are in the neighborhood of northeast Alabama, or northwest Georgia...check out the adult education classes at Gadsden State. My quilt, jewelry, and crochet classes for the fall schedule are posted! (Did I just say more time would be open to me....when!?!) Anyway, the fall schedule is at the right side of their website at and adult education classes are around page 76.

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